For SERECO the most precious good is represented by its clients and their satisfaction is the goal which the efforts of every department and employee aim to. No detail is overlooked in order to achieve, within the time scheduled, the outcome that together, company and client, aimed to.
The relationship does not end with the delivery of goods but provides a qualified and efficient after sales service by dedicated engineers and technicians.
The range of services starts with the supply of Installation, Use and Maintenance Manuals for every equipment, easy to understand and studied to provide useful, immediate and effective references in every phase from the unloading of the goods, to the installation, test, commissioning and operation;  it continues with the availability of engineers and technicians to provide telephone assistance in every phase above mentioned and it is completed with the possibility to on site assistance all over the world directly performed by SERECO skilled technicians aiming to supervise the assembly, the test and the maintenance of the goods supplied.
All SERECO products are designed and manufactured with a perspective of 25 years of operation, but also the best equipment operate better when treated with regular maintenance and prompt substitution of parts subject to wear. 
SERECO guarantees the availability of original spare parts for all the expected life of its plants, equipment and process machines for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants.
To ask for spare parts quotation, we advise to remember or take a picture of the data on the stainless steel identification plate and fill in the following form.

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Dear Mrs, we wish to inform you that the italian Law 196/03, (Law concerning personal data protection) provides for the protection of personal data of people and other subjects. The treatment of data is marked by fairness, lawfulness, sincerity and protection of Your privacy and of Your rights. According to the art. 13 of Law n. 196/03, we provide you the following information regarding the typology of treated data in connection with the existing commercial relationships.

Identification data (company’s name or title, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail, etc ) are treated by Sereco S.r.l., for marketing, sales and statistics purposes.

Personal data collection is processed by manual elaboration, telematic and computering form and keep in paper and magnetic records for the above mentioned purposes.

The submittal of data and the relevant treatment, are compulsory in connection with the above mentioned purposes; it follows that the possible refusal to furnish data shall cause the impossibility to execute purposes.

Personal data provided to Sereco S.r.l., are communicated to the person in charge of data treatment, duly named from the company by a task letter.

According to the art. 7 of Law n. 196/03, each person interested, has the right of data accessing, updating, cancelling or rectifying its own data or to oppose to the use of them, if they are treated out of the law n. 196/03.

The holder of data treatment is Sereco S.r.l., Zona Industriale, 70015 Noci (BA) – ITALY

The person in charge of data treatment is Mr. Tommaso Ritella, domiciled to Sereco, according to the Law n. 196/03

This information does not exclude the possibility to communicate orally other information to the party concerned, when the holder is collecting data