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The company-owned factory opened in 2006. It is solely used for the manufacturing of SERECO water treatment products.
Covering an area of 7780 m2 indoor it includes a section dedicated exclusively to the production in stainless steel and aluminium to avoid iron contamination and another section for the production in carbon steel, a section for mechanical manufacturing, a sandblasting cabin and a painting cabin according to EU regulations. There is another area of 8000 m2 outdoor for inspections and testing, temporary storage, loading facilities, roads and other services.
The production section is equipped with automatic machines dedicated for cutting, bending and welding MIG and TIG as well as, for some processes, of robotic automatic type.
SERECO welders are all qualified by important training institutions and International qualification and all staff is qualified and regularly attend refresher and safety courses.
Sandblasting is done in an air-conditioning environment and in compliance with health and environment regulations.
The painting is done in a pressurized environment and in compliance with health and environment regulations.
Pickling is done in a ventilated environment and in compliance with health and environment regulations.
The warehouse of raw materials, semi-processed and finished is 2000 m2 organized according to modern and computerized principles and equipped with dedicated handling systems.
Inspection and testing section is equipped with measurement and verification equipment but also with a dedicated and equipped tank to carry out the verification, including sample, of aeration systems, mixing, level control, pumping and so on.
Loading areas are equipped with pallet trucks and container loading systems which offer all our customers the service of loading goods for transport.

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Dear Mrs, we wish to inform you that the italian Law 196/03, (Law concerning personal data protection) provides for the protection of personal data of people and other subjects. The treatment of data is marked by fairness, lawfulness, sincerity and protection of Your privacy and of Your rights. According to the art. 13 of Law n. 196/03, we provide you the following information regarding the typology of treated data in connection with the existing commercial relationships.

Identification data (company’s name or title, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail, etc ) are treated by Sereco S.r.l., for marketing, sales and statistics purposes.

Personal data collection is processed by manual elaboration, telematic and computering form and keep in paper and magnetic records for the above mentioned purposes.

The submittal of data and the relevant treatment, are compulsory in connection with the above mentioned purposes; it follows that the possible refusal to furnish data shall cause the impossibility to execute purposes.

Personal data provided to Sereco S.r.l., are communicated to the person in charge of data treatment, duly named from the company by a task letter.

According to the art. 7 of Law n. 196/03, each person interested, has the right of data accessing, updating, cancelling or rectifying its own data or to oppose to the use of them, if they are treated out of the law n. 196/03.

The holder of data treatment is Sereco S.r.l., Zona Industriale, 70015 Noci (BA) – ITALY

The person in charge of data treatment is Mr. Tommaso Ritella, domiciled to Sereco, according to the Law n. 196/03

This information does not exclude the possibility to communicate orally other information to the party concerned, when the holder is collecting data